LiFiMax's invisible light internet works with up to 16 users

It covers a 270 square foot area with speeds up to 100 Mbps.

If you need to connect multiple folks in a room but are concerned about security or radio frequency pollution, French company Oledcomm has a new LiFi tech solution. LiFiMax mounts on a ceiling like a smoke detector or light and provides up to 16 dongle-equipped users with an internet connection. It transmits data via invisible light over a 28 square meter (270 square feet) area and allows for up to 100 Mbps connection speeds.

LiFi tech allows devices to connect together by modulating invisible light signals from an LED bulb. It's a technology that's time has yet to come, though Oledcomm is diligently trying to make it work. The company launched the stylish MyLiFi lamp last year, which provides a personal internet connection at speeds up to 23 Mbps. Other companies, including Philips, have also toyed with the technology.

As it stands now, the tech is seems best suited to companies looking for more security or industrial environments sensitive to radio waves. Other than that, it doesn't have much over WiFi, as it's a bit slower and requires each user to carry a dongle. Price is also an issue, as the LiFiMax pack will cost $900 including the transmitter and a dongle. Its now available on pre-order, with deliveries starting before September of 2019.