Gmail may add Inbox-style reminders and pins

You might not suffer from Inbox withdrawal for much longer.

Google has assuaged Inbox fans by incorporating some of the defunct app's features into Gmail, but some of the best additions might still be on the horizon. Reddit user moodio shared an apparent leak showing a test version of Gmail for Android with reminders, pinned messages and category bundles (which help you deal with multiple messages at once). You might even see a quick "mark all as read" button so that you don't have to methodically select every message.

Moodio stressed that this was "very early," and that there were "different design iterations" in progress. It might not resemble exactly what you see below, no matter how accurate the leak might be. It lines up with Google's strategy of reintroducing Inbox features, though, and would be well-timed when the I/O conference takes place in May. If you're still suffering from Inbox withdrawal, you might get your fix relatively soon.

Gmail test release with reminders and pins