Raspberry Pi Foundation opens its first physical store

The Raspberry Pi Store is located in Cambridge, England.

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The Raspberry Pi Foundation
The Raspberry Pi Foundation

Raspberry Pi might not have the clout of an Apple or Microsoft, but it does have its own store now. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has set up shop with its first brick and mortar location. The Raspberry Pi Store is now open in Cambridge, England and will offer a variety of the company's products and accessories for the popular single-board computers including its new Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+.

The storefront will house some exclusive products from the foundation, though it didn't provide any details regarding those devices. The shop is cash free and will only accept cards, and it won't accept any orders over the phone or online -- the foundation is continuing to leave those sales to resellers for the time being. Don't expect an Apple-style Genius Bar when you walk into the Raspberry Pi Store, as the company isn't offering repairs or replacements at its current location.

If you're in the Cambridge area, you can find the Raspberry Pi Store on the first floor of the Grand Arcade shopping center. It's open Monday through Saturday starting at 9:00 AM local time and 11:00 AM on Sundays.

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