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The Morning After: The end of the road for Netflix and Marvel

Worse than the snap.

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Marvel / Netflix
Marvel / Netflix

Hey, good morning! The other shoe finally dropped on Netflix's remaining Marvel series, and guess who researchers blame for the increase in Flat Earth believers?

It's over.
Netflix officially cancels 'Jessica Jones' and 'The Punisher'

Netflix has cancelled Jessica Jones and The Punisher, putting an end to the Marvel partnership that started in 2013. Jessica Jones' third season will still launch on Netflix later in 2019 as a last hurrah, but that's as far as it goes.

Wait, they're making what?
The superfans behind the Instant Pot hype

Enthusiasts are creating homemade wine, dog food and lube.

Game streaming isn't quite fast enough to keep up with 'Sonic Generations.'
PlayStation Now re-review: Still not good enough

Should you subscribe to PlayStation Now? If you have a ridiculously fast internet connection and don't own many games, Nick Summers says it's worth considering. However, an underwhelming selection of PS4 games makes its $20 per month / $100 per year subscription fee a little hard to swallow.

Flash hat Qualcomm logo.
Xiaomi's fake-transparent Mi 9 isn't hiding anything

Yes, Xiaomi is doing the "transparent" phone back again. First seen on an Explorer Edition of the Mi 8, it's coming back for a version of the Mi 9; however, this time the company isn't bothering to pretend there's anything see-through about the casing. Jun laid out how Xiaomi etched a stark design on a 0.3mm aluminum sheet and explained that the phonemaker will carve out the design on the sheet with a CNC machine.

Nice work on that recommendation algorithm.
Researchers blame YouTube for the rise in Flat Earthers

According to Asheley Landrum, assistant professor of science communication at Texas Tech University, all but one of 30 Flat Earthers interviewed at a recent event said they hadn't considered Earth to be flat until they watched videos promoting the theory on YouTube.

It would beam energy down to Earth using a microwave or laser.
China wants to put a solar farm in space by 2025

According to China's state-backed Science and Technology Daily, Chinese scientists plan to build and launch small power stations into the stratosphere between 2021 and 2025, upgrading to a megawatt-level station in 2030 and a gigawatt-level facility high above Earth before 2050. Without atmospheric interference or night-time loss of sunlight, these space-based solar farms could provide an inexhaustible source of clean energy.

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