'Days Gone’ will get weekly challenges and Survival Mode in June

Sony’s PS4 exclusive includes some free post-launch content.

Those excited for Days Gone, the post-apocalyptic zombie shooter for Sony PS4 set to be released on Friday, will have even more to look forward to this summer. This June, Bend Studios will release a new "Survival" mode and launch weekly updates to the game. In a PlayStation Blog post, Days Gone game director James Ross revealed that a new Bike, Horde or Combat challenge will roll out each week to test players' skills even further.

The Survival mode will challenge players by getting rid of Fast Travel and Survival Vision. Players will be forced to brave the post-apocalyptic wilderness of the Pacific Northwest without on-screen indicators or a mini-map. With the weekly updates, players can expect of battles and opportunities to earn in-game rewards.

From Resident Evil to Dying Light:The Following, the zombie survival genre is already pretty crowded. An early look indicates that Days Gone, while no doubt entertaining, isn't really a standout entry. Especially for veterans of the genre, the game's pretty straightforward progression could get a little repetitive. But a new difficulty mode and weekly updates may give the Days Gone some variety.