The next iPhone may send Bluetooth audio to two devices at once

Friends and family could listen to the same tunes on their headphones.

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Jon Fingas
May 27th, 2019
Evan Rodgers/Engadget
Evan Rodgers/Engadget

Private music listening might not be a solitary affair on iPhones in the future. A Mac Otakara rumor has claimed that the next iPhone will support streaming Bluetooth audio to two devices at once, similar to what you find on recent Samsung phones and a handful of other devices. A friend could listen to the song you're playing without having to share your headphones or use speakers, for instance.

The tipster didn't know which exact models would support the technology, although Apple typically brings Bluetooth upgrades to all new iPhones. Samsung's approach is also built on Bluetooth 5.0, suggesting that Apple might bring it to older iPhones.

It's worth taking this rumor with a grain of salt when there isn't any corroboration. It would make sense for Apple, however. When none of its available iPhones have headphone jacks, wireless audio support is crucial -- this would give you more flexibility to listen on your own terms, rather than having to worry about switching devices.

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