Samsung chips promise secure 100W USB-C fast charging

The SE8A and MM101 communicate with devices to deliver optimum power.

Samsung released two new USB Type-C power delivery (PD) controller chips for power adapters, SE8A and MM101. The chips included built-in security safeguards and are able to communicate with devices that meet USB-PD 3.0 specifications to deliver the optimum power for each device. With up to 100W-charging, they support fast charging on power-hungry products like laptops and tablets, too.

According to Samsung, SE8A is the first PD controller in the industry to have an embedded Secure Element, which offers an extra layer of security. MM101 supports the Advanced Encryption Standard, which enables product authentication and includes moisture sensing capabilities to ensure safe charging conditions. "Power adapters that can quickly charge devices while establishing safeguards against unauthorized access are increasingly in demand," said Ben K. Hur, a senior vice president at Samsung Electronics. Both chips also have embedded Flash (eFlash), which will allow firmware updates to meet the most up-to-date specifications.

SE8A should hit the market first, as it's already in mass production. We'll have to wait a little longer for the MM101, which is still being sampled by clients. We could see more USB Type-C chargers and devices addressing security concerns -- like the spread of malware and data leakage -- now that the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) is defining industry-wide standards.