VW's GTI Aurora concept has a hologram-controlled sound system

Help me, VW, you're my only hope for dropping the bass.

Trunk-mounted sound systems are often about bragging rights, but VW might have more reason to boast than usual. It's showing a Golf GTI Aurora concept car whose centerpiece is a hologram-controlled audio system accessible from the back. You can push floating buttons, grab 3D sliders and, of course, produce eye-catching visuals. VW hasn't outlined the exact technology at work, but you don't need glasses, gloves or other extras to operate it.

Don't get your hopes up just yet. It will be "some time" before you'll see this in a production car, the company's Mark Möller said. While he didn't dive in to specifics, it's not hard to see why. Holographic technology is both rare and expensive, even in limited form. There's also the question of practicality. It's easy to put a hologram at the back where there's plenty of room and no distractions, but it's another to squeeze one into your dashboard or the back seat. Think of this as a peek at the future of car audio rather than confirmation of any plans.