Watch Microsoft's E3 2019 press event here with us!

Let's talk Xbox.

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Microsoft, with Sony sitting out this year, has a big show ahead of it -- and a big chance to claim all the gaming headlines. In the last 24 hours, Microsoft gave us a strong hint of major announcements on its next-gen console -- expect teraflop chat a-plenty. Actual game title-wise, we're waiting on big news regarding Gears of War 5, and more than a tease of Halo Infinite, hopefully. There's likely to be an entirely new wave of titles from the majors like Ubisoft, Square Enix and EA, plus more indie games. But for a lot of us, especially current PC and PlayStation gamers, all eyes are on how Microsoft's streaming game service takes shape.

This year, we're live-streaming along with the news, so join Senior Editor Jessica Conditt and me, Mat Smith, here and on YouTube, for everything Xbox at 1PM PT/ 4PM EST / 9PM GMT.

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