Google placed 'Stranger Things' AR ads in 'The New York Times'

You'll need Google Lens to see their true form.

If you see advertisements for a mall that look like they came straight out of the '80s on today's print edition of The New York Times, fire up Google Lens. Those neon-colored ads are most likely for Starcourt, the fictional Hawkins, Indiana mall that serves as the backdrop for some of Stranger Things 3's most heart-pumping scenes. Google has been teaming up with magazines and museums to place digital information, which you can only see through its Lens technology, on top of real-world objects. This partnership with NYT and Netflix is no different.


Looking at any of the three printed ads through Lens shows their true form: animated advertisements featuring '80s fashion and big hair. No word on whether they'll give you a glimpse of the secrets the mall was hiding in the show. You can access Google Lens via Assistant on Android or via the Google app on iOS. That is, if your phone's camera app doesn't come built in with the company's AI-powered image recognition technology.