Google Arts & Culture made an AR gallery that celebrates color

Google's Arts & Culture app has debuted a new art collection.

Last year, Google released an augmented reality feature for its Arts & Culture app that turns phones into a pocket-sized museum dedicated to Vermeer paintings. Now, the tech giant has rolled out a new collection for the application's "Pocket Gallery," this time focusing on colors as a theme. The new collection includes paintings from various artists, including Rembrandt, grouped according to their color palettes.

After choosing the feature, navigating to the camera tab and pointing your phone at a flat surface, you'll be able to enter the virtual gallery, which has four rooms to explore. The experience, entitled "The Art of Color," showcases pieces from 33 partner institutions across four continents -- you can tap on each one to zoom in and learn more details about that particular painting.


Google used the Arts & Culture platform's Art Palette tool to select the pieces to showcase. The final lineup includes Whistler's Mother and Rembrandt's masterpiece The Night Watch under the Black, White and Grey color scheme. The new Pocket Gallery collection is available for both iOS and Android, though it's only obviously accessible to AR-enabled devices.