'Two Point Hospital' is coming to consoles in late 2019

PS4, Switch and Xbox One owners can cure clowns very soon.

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Two Point Studios/Sega
Two Point Studios/Sega

You won't have to fire up a computer to play the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital. Two Point Studios and Sega are bringing Two Point Hospital to PS4, Switch and Xbox One sometime in late 2019. It'll remain faithful to the absurdity of the PC hospital management title (the existence of a Clown Clinic should say everything), but will be "fully rebuilt" to take advantage of gamepads and the Switch's mobile experience.

The console edition will also roll in features that have come to the PC version since launch, including character customization, an interior designing tool and expansions like Bigfoot and Pebberley Island. This isn't just a cash grab, according to Two Point -- it's as much about making the game available to play with your kids in the living room, on a long trip, or any place where pulling out a laptop wouldn't be as practical.

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