The Morning After: VAIO's new laptop has all the ports

VGA-out is back in.

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Welcome to Friday morning! Google is refunding the difference if your flight price drops after you book it with them, VAIO has an epic laptop with every port imaginable and Apple suggests you don't replace your iPhone battery with a third-party service.

But only on certain flights for a limited time.
Google Flights will refund the difference if prices drop unexpectedly

Google isn't going to plan your next vacation, but, instead, it's offering flight-price guarantees -- with some conditions. For a limited time, when it tells you prices won't drop on a trip you book through Google Flights, it'll refund the difference if it's wrong and the cost does get lower before you take off. Specifically, certain trips from the US booked between August 13th and September 2nd.

Using ZeroNet means users download and host parts of the sites they visit.
Peer-to-peer 8Chan mirror makes users responsible for its child porn

It's been a few days since Cloudflare stopped providing security protections to 8Chan, which led to the notorious site going offline. While 8Chan's leaders are still trying unsuccessfully to bring the site back, some of its users have found a way to reach it through some rather unusual and potentially problematic methods. The Daily Beast has reported on how some users are accessing the site via ZeroNet, a decentralized, peer-to-peer network for hosting content, similar to BitTorrent. But due to how this network works, some users are getting worried that they're hosting child pornography.

A site can be published to ZeroNet by an individual user, but those who then view it become "seeders," just as BitTorrent users can seed parts of files shared over the network. By default, if you access the site, you download up to 10MB of data from it to share through ZeroNet, though users can choose to download and seed more if they're so inclined. You'll need to actually view that content before it gets downloaded and shared from your computer... so it's entirely possible to view 8Chan and just not look at child porn. But given the chaos that is 8Chan, you really are taking a bit of a risk viewing the site at all over ZeroNet.

Connectivity nirvana.
VAIO's port-loaded 12-inch laptop goes on sale in the US

Following its launch in Japan, VAIO's SX12 offers just about every conceivable I/O you could ever want and is now out in the US. Its starting price of $1,119 means this isn't a cheap deal, but how could it be when such a diminutive 12-inch model somehow crams in three USB-A ports, one USB-C port, an HDMI port, a full-sized SD card slot, a headphone/mic port, an Ethernet port and even a VGA port -- 00's style.

It would much rather you pay it to perform a simple battery swap.
Apple warns iPhone users against third-party battery repairs

Apple really, really doesn't want you replacing your own iPhone battery. It has rolled out new software that detects if you have installed a battery that lacks an official authentication key and displays a warning about the battery's health. The issue, first spotted by iFixit, affects the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max devices running iOS 12 and the iOS 13 beta. If you replace your own iPhone battery or get it replaced by an unauthorized repair shop, when you head to the battery settings page, you'll see a message claiming that the battery isn't "genuine".

Apple had appeared to be easing up on its campaign against third-party battery swaps, as it reversed its policy against repairing iPhones with replaced batteries earlier this year. However, the company has introduced similar software limitations in the past to prevent users from repairing other Apple products such as MacBook Pros.

The 'Skullgirls' team's adventure is nearly ready.
Hand-drawn RPG 'Indivisible' finally arrives October 8th

Lab Zero and 505 Games have announced that their action RPG Indivisible will reach PC, the PS4 and Xbox One on October 8th. The Switch version is also "coming soon," the team added. Whichever version you play, you'll get the same meticulously animated visuals and elaborate backgrounds, plus a fast-paced action RPG mechanic that involves absorbing "Incarnations" that can fight alongside you.

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