Roku's latest free TV channels include Fubo Sports and USA Today

You can also subscribe to Sports Illustrated's online service.

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The Roku Channel just became more enticing if you crave as-it-happens TV. Roku has added five live and linear networks to its free offerings, most notably the Fubo Sports Network. The live network provides event coverage, sports talk and sports-related entertainment. You won't confuse it with ESPN given the dearth of live sports (though that may change in the future), but it could be helpful if you want to catch up on your favorite leagues at the end of the day.

Other additions include USA Today's news network, ACCDN's intercollegiate sports coverage, the social-friendly news and originals of Now This and Comedy Dynamics' stand-up comedy shows, movies and documentaries.

There is one addition for those willing to pay. You now have the option of subscribing to Sports Illustrated's streaming service, SI TV, if you're eager to check out its mix of originals and documentaries. Like Fubo's channel, it's more for sports fans who aren't satisfied with the live coverage they already have elsewhere.

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