'Shovel Knight Dig' takes the adventure underground

It's a new story with updated visuals, too.

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Yacht Club Games/Nitrome
Yacht Club Games/Nitrome

There's finally an honest-to-goodness follow-up to Shovel Knight in the works. Yacht Club and web game developer Nitrome are working on Shovel Knight Dig, an "all-new" tale for the spade-wielding warrior. The premise is thin -- Drill Knight has stolen your loot as he threatens to collapse the land beneath your feet, and it's your job to save the day by venturing underground. The creators promise a string of new game mechanics, though, most notably the ability to dig and slash your way downward. Only appropriate given the character, isn't it? You'll see new "Speed Shovel" mechanics to match.

You can also expect a visual upgrade with more fluid, higher-color (but still retro) animation, plus the obligatory additions of new characters and enemies. Each map is custom-made, but automatically stitched together to keep things fresh.

Yacht Club hasn't said when the game arrives or even named the platforms it will support, but it's demoing Dig at PAX West (August 30th through September 3rd) on the Switch. We wouldn't be surprised if it was available on other platforms as well. Really, the main nugget is that a new Shovel Knight game is on the way. For some, that's the only tidbit they need to hear.

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