Watch the first trailer for Netflix's police interrogation drama 'Criminal'

The 12-episode series is out on September 20th.

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How many crime-detective dramas does Netflix have now? Not enough, apparently. Today, the company released its first (proper) trailer for Criminal, a 12-episode series set entirely in police interrogation rooms. The show is split across four countries -- France, Spain, Germany and the UK -- and every episode will be a unique story. Participating in the cat-and-mouse mind games are David Tennant (Doctor Who) and Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter), among others. In the 60-second trailer, we catch a glimpse of the nervous suspects and 'are they innocent?' police discussions that will permeate the series. The full show is out on September 20th -- perfect timing for people who have already gobbled up Mindhunter season two.

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