Nissan envisions car-themed esports gaming chairs

It even worked with FaZe and OpTic to design the seat concepts.

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Nissan's connection to gaming might extend beyond the occasional car in a racing sim. The automaker has joined with FaZe Clan and OpTic Gaming to design a trio of "esports gaming chairs" themed around (what else?) some of its more iconic cars. The GT-R Nismo is a "performance" chair with a thin carbon fiber shell, a racing seat shape, Nismo leather and an audio system built into the headset. The Armada chair echoes the SUV with extra-comfy lumbar support, posh leather and its own climate control. A Leaf chair, meanwhile, mimics the EV with "eco-friendly" materials and a USB charging port.

At the moment, Nissan doesn't have plans to build the chairs. However, it's gauging "public reaction" to the seats and recently ran a Twitter poll to see which furniture people would like the most. If that's any indication of demand, the GT-R chair is the most popular concept by a long shot. If Nissan ever makes one of these models, that's likely to be the one supporting your posterior during long gaming sessions.

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