1Password's corporate tool can enforce two-factor use company-wide

The 1Password Advanced Protection suite can help protect companies' networks.

1Password can do more than just create and store passwords for business customers with more elaborate security needs than ordinary users. Now, it's adding and expanding its set of tools for enterprise subscribers with a new suite called 1Password Advanced Protection. The new tools include a security control option to enforce company-wide two-factor authentication, allowing employees to choose between physical security keys like Yubikey and authenticator apps like Duo.

Another tool allows administrators to block or require extra authentication for sign-ins made from certain locations or specific IP addresses. They could prohibit log-ins from certain countries, for instance, or block employees from using VPN or Tor to access the password manager. Administrators could also ensure employees are using the newest version of 1Password and to see and take action against suspicious sign-in attempts.

1Password chief Jeff Shiner said in a statement:

"Large, complex organisations use 1Password Business, and many of them have specialist security and governance requirements. With 1Password Advanced Protection, these businesses can create custom rules to determine how their employees can access the information stored in 1Password, and protect their most important data."

The 1Password Advanced Protection suite will come bundled with a business account. That means all paying enterprise customers, which recently reached 50,000 in number, can take advantage of the new tools to keep their networks secure.