Google will highlight important parts of videos in search results

Creators will have to offer timestamps, but it's a start.

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Jon Fingas
September 17th, 2019
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Web searches can easily help you find videos, but that's not much good if you're looking for a specific segment. Do you really want to spend minutes scrubbing to find a relevant section? You might not have to. Google search can now highlight specific moments in a video based on timestamps supplied by creators. You can jump directly to the fifth step in a how-to guide, or jump to a favorite song in a concert.

The video indexing will initially be available only for English searches involving YouTube videos. Google is, however, encouraging producers to add the timestamps. Google isn't just relying on timestamps in video descriptions. It's also inviting a handful of providers to add structured data to videos to help you skip around, with early partners like CBS Sports and NDTV offering advanced searches "soon." It may just be a matter of time before you can skip to the exact moment you need in a YouTube video, even if it's buried toward the back.

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