Google Home speakers can now make mobile calls, starting in Australia

Australian customers can call hands-free via their mobile carrier.

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For two years, Google Home users have been able to place calls from their smart speakers using the built-in VoIP functionality. From today that function is available using mobile service too, with Australian mobile provider Telstra becoming the first company to offer voice-activated calling via a mobile carrier.

Telstra customers can link up to six mobile numbers to their Google Home and sync the contacts as well, letting them call anyone from their phone book using their Home device. To use voice calling with multiple numbers, they can set up Google Voice Match to identify voices and link them to a particular number and contact list.

A handy feature of this service is that it lets customers call from their Home device even if their mobile is located somewhere else.

Voice-activated calling is available from today to all Telstra mobile customers, and there are more details available on the Telstra website.

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