Lyft's app shows bike lanes to help riders find smoother routes

Your bike or scooter ride could be that much safer.

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Jon Fingas
September 19, 2019 12:00 PM

Just because you can ride a bike somewhere doesn't mean you want to -- many cyclists can tell tales of braving streets that are downright dangerous to two-wheelers. You might not need an intuitive knowledge of where to ride after today, at least. Lyft has introduced bike lanes to its apps, giving you a greater chance of finding a smoother route for your bike or scooter. Any protected lanes will appear as solid green, while those that are 'just' bike-friendly will be dotted green.

The company claimed it was "first among [its] peers" to offer a feature like this.

There's no mystery behind the addition. The safer you feel when riding a bike or scooter, the more likely you are to use those options instead of hailing a car or (gasp) walking. That could give Lyft a slight edge over competitors that simply choose the shortest route possible, even if traffic and other challenges could make them far more stressful.

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