Xbox One adds game sale alerts and expanded parental controls

You can save money and set per-game limits for your kids.

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Sometimes, the most important Xbox One updates are less about interface changes and more about conveniences -- in this case, for bargain hunters and concerned parents. Microsoft is rolling out an October update whose centerpieces are more powerful parental controls and a sale-savvy Wish List. The parental tools now let you limit time for specific apps and games, not just the system. You can ensure that your kids only play Fortnite for an hour each day, or limit their YouTube sessions to half-hour bursts. The restrictions you set will apply on both Xbox One and Windows, so your kids can't defy the rules by sneaking in some PC time when the console kicks them off.

The Wish List, meanwhile, now alerts you whenever a game you've been pining after goes on sale. If you're the sort who refuses to buy a game at full price, you can add a title to your list and hope for a discount.

Other updates focus mostly on capturing and watching game video. Mixer now has a "full" experience built into the dashboard, so you won't have to launch a dedicated app just to watch some streams. You can also prevent some games from automatically recording moments when video capture is turned on, and an experimental "Capture & Share" tab in the Guide both prioritizes common options (such as "record what happened") and easier sharing. Beyond these, you can also recommend Xbox Game Pass titles, discover in-game activities with an Events app and find recent players that much more quickly.

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