GoFundMe's new platform is just for charities and nonprofits

Nonprofits can use the platform to collect donations and manage campaigns.

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Georgina Torbet
October 15, 2019 7:25 AM
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The GoFundMe platform has been used to crowdfund everything from payments for U.S. government workers during the recent shutdown to back payments of royalties for a classic early hip hop track. Soon, the site will support even more charitable giving, with a new fundraising platform for nonprofit organizations.

The platform, named GoFundMe Charity, will offer two different plans: one with no platform fee but "tips" from donors to support the service, or one with donor-covered fees. It will have other features to help out charities' fundraising efforts like data reporting, integration with enterprise tools including Salesforce and Mailchimp and a ticketing feature for large or small events.

In addition to nonprofit platform, the company is also introducing another new feature: the Donate Button. This embeddable button can be added to a charity's website and allows organizations to collect donations directly without the need to set up a GoFundMe Charity account or campaign. The button is customizable in terms of appearance and suggested donation amount and will come with plug-ins to integrate with WordPress.

Both the platform and the button will be launched in November.

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GoFundMe's new platform is just for charities and nonprofits