'Minecraft Earth' early access comes to the UK and 8 other countries

Americans still have to sit tight.

Minecraft Earth's early access release is finally rolling out to countries around the world, although it's not necessarily available where you might expect it. Mojang and Microsoft have confirmed that the augmented reality game is now available on Android and iOS in nine countries. The UK is the most recent addition, but it's also been available for a few days in Australia, Canada, Iceland, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Korea and Sweden.

You've probably noticed that the US and most other countries aren't on that list. You'll have to wait as the developers bring Earth to more countries in the "coming weeks." The creators clearly want to be sure the title is ready for a large-scale launch. As it stands, the early access version isn't a complete reflection of what the game will ultimately include. You might be missing out, but your patience might be rewarded with more content in the long run.