BritBox finally adds classic 'Doctor Who' to its UK service

It’s a Boxing Day gift from the BBC and includes 11 days worth of content.

As a Boxing Day gift to the UK, the entire library of classic Doctor Who content is now available on BritBox. The streaming service now has 627 pieces of content -- a mix of episodes, spinoffs, documentaries and more. That includes 558 episodes with the first eight doctors, an unaired story entitled Shada, which is presented as a 130-minute special, and two solely animated stories -- The Power of the Daleks and The Macra Terror.

In total, that's approximately 272 hours, or more than 11 days, of content. And BritBox says it's part of a long-term collaboration with the BBC to make BritBox the "ultimate home of Doctor Who Classic" content.

"We are looking forward to expanding the collection even further by working with the show creators to lovingly restore lost and previously unavailable episodes in the months to come and offering a truly exclusive experience," said Reemah Sakaan, group director of ITV subscription video on demand (SVOD).

BritBox, the streaming service co-owned by British broadcasters BBC and ITV, became the exclusive home for the entire library of classic Doctor Who in the US in 2017. BritBox arrived in the UK in July 2019, but it wasn't guaranteed that BritBox in the UK would include Doctor Who. The BBC still makes plenty of money off the show through DVD and Blu-ray sales, and it may lose some of those customers to the £5.99 per month subscription service.