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The Morning After: Razer will close its game store

Turns out it's tough selling games.

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Welcome back to the week. While gaming laptop player Razer shutters its game store, we're getting primed for Samsung's big phone launch this Wednesday, where the company could reveal maybe four (!) different phones in one fell swoop.

It's a reminder that even big names face tough odds selling games.
Razer closes its game store after 10 months

Razer is closing its Game Store on February 28th at 4AM Eastern as part of "realignment plans." It'll still honor pre-orders and notes that games will still work as long as you have their Steam or Uplay keys, but you won't have access to those keys once February is over.

The store held on for roughly 10 months, and while it isn't a direct portal like the Epic Games Store or Steam, its closure is still significant. This was a rare digital distribution foray for Razer, and it delivered both exclusive game deals as well as discounts on peripherals.

When the going got hard, the e-commerce giant bolted.
Amazon's HQ2 New York plans didn't need to end this way

The news caught many off guard. Amazon clearly didn't want officials to know ahead of time. According to reports, the company had still been in talks with officials as of Wednesday afternoon, with little sign that an about-face was about to happen. While it took Amazon months to decide to bring one of two new headquarters to Long Island City, it took mere moments to end those plans completely. Chris Velazco lays out what happened.

The reality of streaming video might play a role.
Samsung stops releasing Blu-ray players in the US

Looking for the latest and greatest Blu-ray players from Samsung? You're out of luck if you're in the US. Samsung told Forbes and CNET that it's no longer introducing Blu-ray players for the country. It didn't provide reasoning for the move, but sources reportedly said that Samsung had scrapped a high-end model that was supposed to arrive later in 2019.

Just don't count on all of them reaching your hands (or arms).
TCL's folding-phone projects include a watch-like bracelet

TCL isn't content to settle on one foldable design -- it's seemingly tackling them all. CNET has obtained images and patent filings that show TCL exploring five foldable designs. Four of them are are similar devices with a different fold line, but a fifth model would turn into a smartwatch-style bracelet.

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