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The Morning After: Huge battery, one very thick smartphone

I think I spelled that right.

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Welcome back! Now all these new phones are out there, which one is for you? We've compared the Class of 2019's best flagship devices to offer a dispassionate comparison of numbers -- and our review of the Galaxy S10 is also on its way. Meanwhile, Stardew Valley is coming to Android, and we found a giant phone that barely ever needs charging. It's just very, very thick.

Give up charging your phone.
Energizer's big-battery smartphone is almost three iPhones thick

This thick (thicc?) phone has an insane 18,000mAH battery inside. It's also the antithesis of all those folding phones. We needed a palate cleanser.

The 20-gigabit port is finally ready for prime time.
Ultra-fast USB 3.2 is coming to desktop PCs in 2019

The speedy USB 3.2 format has technically been ready for the better part of two years, but it's finally ready for a PC near you. The USB-IF standards body says it will be available later in 2019, hinting that you could see 20Gbps speeds through typical desktop PC ports very soon.

Phone photographers rejoice.
Comparing the Galaxy S10, Nokia 9 and LG G8: Cameras galore

So we're more than neck deep into Mobile World Congress, and our hands-ons have been coming pretty fast and furious. Though you'll have to wait a bit to see our full reviews of the latest flagships from companies like Samsung and LG, we can always take a peek at the specs to see how they stack up against each other. Find all the big numbers right here.

Get your spring crops ready for the March 14th launch.
Farming RPG 'Stardew Valley' finally comes to Android

About five months after the "delightful farming RPG Stardew Valley" came to iOS, it's ready for Android. The now three-year-old game will be available on the Google Play Store for $8 on March 14th, meaning Android users will no longer need the Nintendo Switch to manage their virtual farms on the go.

AK-47 maker Kalashnikov wants to sell the device to 'smaller armies.'
Just what the world needs: budget-friendly kamikaze drones

In grimmer news, Kalashnikov, most famous for its AK-47 assault rifle, is moving into new territory with a drone that can carry up to three kilograms of explosives and detonate on impact. The KUB-UAV can travel at up to 130 kilometers per hour (78MPH) and stay in the air for 30 minutes.

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