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The Morning After: Motorola's foldable phone plans

And we reviewed Sony's robot dog.

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Add one more name to the folding phone fight card: Motorola. Also, we reviewed Sony's new Aibo and the 2019 Acura RDX. Finally, the rise of the robots includes some autonomous gear from FedEx and Boeing.

Here's an idea for a name: MPx.Motorola is making a foldable phone, too

Motorola VP of Global Product Dan Dery told Engadget: "We started to work on foldables a long time ago... and we have been doing a lot of iteration." According to Dery, Motorola has "no intention of coming later than everybody else in the market," and considering the upcoming launch dates for the Samsung Galaxy Fold (in April) and Huawei's Mate X (in mid 2019), it seems safe to assume we're looking at a Motorola launch by summer.

A 2018 Oscars tweet connected the actor with the creator of '90s classic 'ToeJam & Earl.'Meet Macaulay Culkin, retro video game nerd

Macaulay Culkin's game collection only extends into the era of the Xbox 360, he but has an edge over even the most ultra-modern video-game fan. He's played a game that isn't out yet, set in a franchise that perfectly suits his '90s-soaked video-game sensibilities: ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove. Being an executive producer on the game, which drops Friday, comes with those kinds of perks.

The True Touchpad isn't fully compatible with Apple CarPlay.2019 Acura RDX review

The new RDX's updated infotainment tech is worth a look, and the True Touchpad controls bring muscle memory back to controlling media and navigation. Roberto Baldwin loved its SH-AWD system, but also said it's an inexpensive alternative to German offerings and there are some tradeoffs for that value.

But you can't put a real pet in sleep mode at the push of a button.Sony Aibo review: Just get a puppy

The Aibo's AI brain is capable of learning from its owners and surroundings to develop a distinct personality, learn tricks and habits and effectively "grow up" over a period of years. Unfortunately, Andrew Tarantola says this robot, even with a $2,900 price, isn't ready to cross the uncanny valley.

Complete with a new region and three new starter critters.'Pokémon Sword' and 'Shield' arrive on Switch late 2019

There hasn't been a release in the core Pokémon series since Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon in 2017, and those were really just "director's cut" versions of the 3DS games from the year before. Now Nintendo and Game Freak have unveiled Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, the first entries for Switch.

Watch for them on sidewalks around Memphis.FedEx will trial autonomous delivery robots this summer

Its SameDay Bot, a small vehicle that can travel independently along sidewalks and roadsides, will help retailers make -- wait for it -- same-day and last-mile deliveries to their customers.

Without a human pilot, it can fly for longer periods and withstand higher G-forces.Boeing's autonomous fighter jet could arrive next year

Boeing has unveiled an autonomous fighter jet which is expected to take to the skies in 2020. The aircraft is designed to fly alongside crewed jets during combat, performing early warning tests, intelligence gathering, surveillance and reconnaissance.

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