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Now Amazon's Twitch Prime comes with a year of Switch Online

But not all at once.

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Chesnot via Getty Images

Amazon keeps tweaking the benefits of its Twitch Prime package for Prime customers with moves like adding free games and taking away ad-free streams. The latest change will be particular appealing to certain gamers, as it's teamed up with Nintendo to dangle up to a year of free Switch Online service with the package.


Subscribers don't get the full year free up front, however, so read the fine print. Those interested will need to head to Twitch's website to claim three months free first, then come back after 60 days to claim another nine months of access.

It's a year total free and will enable anyone wanting to enjoy Switch Online features like cloud saves, classic games and online multiplayer to play on without a break. will probably need to pay up for at least a short period. If you've already purchased your Switch online subscription, then the free months will just add on top of whatever you already have. Simple, right?

Update: The initial free period lasts three months, not 30 days, so there's no break in between the initial access granted and the nine month add-on.

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