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Recommended Reading: Airbnb and the hidden cameras

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Billy Steele
03.30.19 in Internet

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Rapeepong Puttakumwong via Getty Images

Airbnb has a hidden-camera problem
Sidney Fussell,
The Atlantic

Airbnb may be a good alternative to staying in a pricey hotel, but the company is dealing with a hidden camera problem. The Atlantic takes a look a the issue and what Airbnb says its doing to fix it.

The first rule of making 'Fight Club': Talk about 'Fight Club'
Brian Raftery,
The Ringer

In an excerpt from a new book, David Fincher, Edward Norton and others discuss how Chuck Palahniuk's book became a movie.

How 'The Matrix' built a bullet-proof legacy
Brian Raftery,

Yes, it's another book excerpt... from the same book. But this time, read about how The Matrix became a classic.

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