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Lenovo's latest ThinkPads last even longer between charges

And come with increased performance of up to 18 percent.

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Lenovo has announced the newest additions to its ThinkPad line-up, each boasting improved battery life and increased performance neatly packaged in slim models under three pounds. The T495, T495s and X395 come with up to the 2nd gen AMD Ryzen 7 Pro mobile processors and integrated AMD Vega graphics, Radeon FreeSync for a stutter-free display and, for the AMD series, a brighter 14-inch full HD display at 400 nits.

Lenovo says buyers can expect a longer battery life -- four more hours, in fact -- on a single charge, and increased performance by up to 18 percent compared to previous ThinkPad models. It's also bundled in a bunch of useful extra features, such as enhanced VoIP conferencing performance, side mechanical docking for self-leveling at any angle and additional privacy guards, such as a webcam shutter and optional screen shield, which draw on the tech introduced to its midrange line earlier this year.

In short, the company has given its existing product line a very decent hardware upgrade while maintaining ThinkPad's ultra portable convenience. The 14-inch T495 drops in late May, with a starting price of $939. The 14-inch T495s and 13-inch X395 are both slated for release in early June, with starting prices of $1,089.

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