OnePlus's Concept One prototype can make its rear cameras disappear

Now you see them, now you don't.

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Georgina Torbet
January 3, 2020 7:45 AM

At CES next week, OnePlus will debut its Concept One, a prototype that will show off some of the cutting edge technology the phone manufacturer has in the works. Before the full unveiling, however, the company has released a short teaser video showing an intriguing notion -- an "invisible camera" that can be hidden by the glass backing of the phone.

OnePlus says the Concept One will use "color-shifting glass technology" as well as the hidden cameras. The Concept One doesn't appear to be foldable, however, which was what some observers were expecting from a prototype device.

The low-down on the cameras was provided by Wired, which describes how OnePlus has used the same technology found in sunroofs and airplane windows to create the disappearing effect. Most of the time, the cameras are hidden beneath the dark glass of the phone's back. When the cameras are in use, the tint of the glass can be adjusted via an electrical signal, so they appear when you open the camera app. Wired wasn't overwhelmed by the feature though, describing it as "a little anticlimactic."

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There are currently no plans to put the Concept One into production, but it might give some clues to what we can expect from OnePlus devices in the future.

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