Google suggests the best times to travel and where to stay

You also get results that reflect the hotels you've checked out before.

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There's a lot more to booking a trip than finding the best possible price, and Google is updating its travel site to acknowledge that fact. Swing by the site and you'll find a "when to visit" tab that shows when to go based on crowds, pricing and weather. You might avoid the worst of tourist season by flying in later than usual. And if price is still a pressing factor, a "what you'll pay" tab indicates whether or not the costs will be reasonable at the time you're hoping to go.

You'll similarly have a better idea of where to book a hotel. A "where to stay" section will summarize the top neighborhoods, including what they're known for, an overall location score and the typical cost of a hotel. This should spare you from booking a hotel that's too far from the best attractions.

Other upgrades deliver smaller but helpful details. You now have personal results that show if you've already searched for or stayed at a hotel, or if the accommodations are similar to ones you've had before. The "overview" and "prices" tabs now indicate both the nightly and overall prices for stays, and you can quickly resume planning a trip if you had to take a break.

The travel time recommendations are currently available on the desktop, but many of the other tools are also available on mobile.

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