Hasbro's flurry of 'The Mandalorian' toys includes an animatronic Baby Yoda (updated)

Also, who wants to play a Baby Yoda-themed 'Operation?'

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Disney's bid to cash in on The Mandalorian's success has come a long, long way from when the company was scrambling to release crudely-designed shirts. Hasbro is releasing a deluge of toys and games meant to capitalize on the streaming show, and it won't surprise you to hear that The Child (aka Baby Yoda to everyone outside of Disney) plays a starring role. Most notably, there's an honest-to-goodness animatronic figure. The little one wiggles his head and ears, makes squeaky baby sounds and even tries to use his Force powers in the most adorable way possible. It will cost you $60, and yes, it is already available for pre-order on Amazon.

That's not the only over-the-top option. You can also play a Baby Yoda-themed version of Operation ($20) -- don't worry, you're just removing objects around him rather than performing surgery. There's also a Mandalorian edition of Trouble ($15) if you'd rather rescue the green tot with Pop-O-Matic dice rolls. And yes, there are more affordable (and more child-proof) Baby Yoda figures that include a $25 talking plushie as well as 6.5- and 2.2-inch figurines, the latter of which cost $16. We're waiting on pricing for the others.

There are a few additional Star Wars toys. You can pick up the Darksaber from The Mandalorian (complete with sound effects) for $30, while fans of The Clone Wars can snag $10 action figures for the Jedi Ahsoka Tano and her Clone Trooper.

The lineup is expected to arrive sometime in the spring. That's several months after the initial fervor for The Mandalorian, but it still shows just how much the streaming series resonated with some viewers. To some degree, it also reflects the challenges Disney had in trotting out merch. It couldn't even hint at products for the show before its debut lest it spoil Baby Yoda. It was just a question of how delayed those tie-ins would be.

Update (2/23/2020): Added photos from the Hasbro Showroom at Toy Fair.

Kris Naudus contributed to this report.

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