Jeep's all-terrain e-bike is available to pre-order for $5,899

It's powerful and rugged, but you'll pay for the privilege.

·1 min read

If you've been eying Jeep's e-bike ever since that Super Bowl ad, you can finally spring for it... provided you have deep pockets. Jeep will start taking pre-orders for the all-terrain two-wheeler today (March 1st) for a hefty $5,899. That's not an unheard-of price when electric mountain bikes often cost as much or more, but it may be a surprise if you're used to fat tire e-bikes that cost much less.

There may be good reasons for the price. The QuietKat-developed machine's 750W motor may pack power as Jeep claims, and the Fire-Link suspension should help you handle rocky trails with some grace. The 40-mile range doesn't hurt, either.

The bike doesn't ship until June. Jeep clearly has high expectations, though. Like many automakers, it's expanding into mobility options that go beyond the usual car sales. This lets it sell an accessory to typical Jeep buyers who want an e-bike for their backwoods excursions, but also gives it a way to court people who might not even own a car and want a bike for their wilderness adventures.