ESPN+ will be the home of PGA Tour's streaming service in 2022

You might not have to subscribe to an extra provider for your golf fix.

You might end up paying less to stream live golf tourneys in the future. As part of a larger media deal, PGA Tour Live will be included as part of the ESPN+ base package starting in 2022 -- it'll be the only place you can use it in the US, in fact. The service will grow as part of the arrangement, too, with multiple live streams available for "nearly every week" of the FedExCup season. This includes 36 tourneys, "at least" 28 of which will get four days of coverage. You can also expect the usual on-demand replays, recaps and original programming.

While it's another instance of media consolidation (you once again have to turn to a Disney-owned service), it does stand to make golf streaming more accessible. Right now, it costs $10 per month or $65 per year if you want PGA Tour Live by itself. Even if there's an ESPN+ price hike by 2022, you'll likely be paying less overall to get both PGA coverage and every other sport ESPN+ has to offer. That may be a relief if you're tired of the proliferation of streaming services that makes it expensive to keep up with the latest sports and shows.