Samsung rolls out camera fix for Galaxy S20 Ultra in the US

It should also improve S20 and S20+ functionality.

Early Galaxy S20 Ultra owners have complained about camera issues like a pokey autofocus on the 108MP main sensor, but it looks like relief is in sight. Samsung tells Engadget it has started the US rollout of a software update that improves a number of features for the Galaxy S20 family, most notably the "camera systems." The company wasn't specific about just what the fixes entailed, but SamMobile and others have noticed significantly improved focusing speed. You shouldn't end up with quite so many out-of-focus shots.

The update appears to be arriving first for unlocked S20 units (such as some models bought from Samsung itself). You'll probably have to wait longer if you're using a carrier-locked handset. Still, this is bound to make your premium smartphone feel worthwhile -- insofar as it can when people around the world are being urged to stay at home.