Apple's AirPods Pro are on sale for $180 again

Plus the regular AirPods have been discounted to $100.

Billy Steele / Engadget

Apple's AirPods Pro are some of the best true wireless earbuds that an iPhone user can buy, and they're on sale for $180 again, at both Amazon and Best Buy. We scored them an 87 in our review when they were released almost two years ago, and while there have been a host of true wireless earbuds released since then, these are still worth a look. If you're looking to spend even less, Apple's regular AirPods are also on sale for $100.

Buy AirPods Pro at Amazon - $180 Buy AirPods at Amazon - $100

Naturally, these headphones offer some notable upgrades over the standard AirPods, which typically cost $160 (though they're often on sale, too). Their in-ear design means you'll get a better seal, and they have active noise cancellation to block out more sound. They also support Apple's spatial audio technology, which means that they can stream Apple Music's new Dolby Atmos format. They also come with a wireless charging case, while you need to pay extra to get that with the standard AirPods.

It's worth noting that Apple's fall events are coming soon, and some rumors point to new standard AirPods coming out in the next few months. As for new AirPods Pro, the latest rumors indicate that they'll have some fitness-tracking features on board. If that's of interest to you, it might be worth waiting, but at $70 off, the current AirPods Pro are still worth a look.

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