Apple pulls TV Remote app now that it's built into iOS

There's not much point if you have recent Apple mobile devices.

Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

Don’t go looking for Apple’s dedicated remote app to steer your Apple TV — you won’t find it. The 9to5Mac team has learned that the company quietly removed the Apple TV Remote app from its digital store. While there wasn’t an official explanation, there also wasn’t much point to keeping the app around. You’ve had access to an Apple TV remote in the Control Center on iPhones and iPads since iOS 12, making the standalone app redundant for most users.

Accordingly, the support entry for the Apple TV Remote app has changed to tell people how to add remote control to Control Center.

This won’t be great news if you’re using an older Apple mobile device that can’t run iOS 12 and don’t already have the app (if your device can handle it, that is). It’s safe to say the company gave people a fair amount of time to update, though, and there’s always the physical remote (as imperfect as it is) if necessary.

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