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Apple's 11-inch iPad Pro M2 drops to a new all-time low of $699

Save $100 on the base model of Apple's premium tablet.

Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

The new 11-inch iPad Pro has hit its lowest price ever at Amazon, which means you can grab the base version of Apple's premium tablet for just $699. That's $100 off the list price and $40 less than it was before Black Friday. It won't arrive in time for Christmas, but if you've had your eye on the Pro, this will likely be the lowest price you'll see this year. The steepest discount goes to the 128GB model with WiFi and the applies to the Silver colorway. If you want a bit more storage, both the 256 GB WiFi model and the 512GB WiFi models are also on sale, with both models seeing a $60 discount. We should note that the WiFi plus cellular configurations and the giant, TB size models aren't discounted right now.

This is the lowest price we've seen yet for the base model of Apple's premium tablet.
$699 at Amazon

The iPad Pro was released at the end of October, and the biggest update came with the addition of Apple's latest processor, the M2 chip. That made an already powerful tablet even more so. We gave the slab an 87 in our review, praising both the "ludicrously" fast speeds and best-in-class screen. The iPad Pro handily makes use of Apple's new Stage Manager, which allows for multitasking with overlapping and resizable windows. The feature finally gives the Pro the opportunity to properly harness all the speed it's been given.

Paired up the Magic Keyboard, the tablet is an extremely capable hybrid device, though with that accessory's $300 price tag, you've essentially entered laptop price range. That said, the iPad Pro is still an impressive tablet with plenty of power and a great screen. The changes to this model probably aren't enough to warrant an upgrade if you've got 2021's model. But if you've been thinking about grabbing a Pro, this $100 discount is a great time to snap it up.

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