Apple's AirTag 4-pack falls back to $89

That matches the lowest price we've seen on Amazon.


We don't see deals on Apple's AirTags very often, but you can now pick up a four-pack at Amazon for $89, or $10 (10 percent) off the regular price. They've been slightly cheaper at Woot, but it matches the best Amazon deal we've seen so far — so it's a good time to act if you have multiple items to track.

By Apple AirTag 4-pack at Amazon - $89

If you're an Apple user, AirTags offer some large advantages over Tile and other rival trackers. The ultra-wideband functionality offers precise tracking with iPhone 11 or later devices up close, so you can narrow your search between a couch and love seat in the same room. Over larger distances, the AirTag network enabled by all Apple device users lets you track down an object you might have misplaced in a café.

It offers a simple coin-sized design and seamless experience thanks to the Find My app. You can also force an AirTag to emit a chime to help you hone in an object's location, and Apple recently made that chime louder so the devices are easier to locate.

It does lack a built-in keyring like rival trackers, so you'll need to pay an extra $35 for that. And it only works with Apple devices, so Android users will have to buy something else. However, if you're in Apple's ecosystem and have been waiting for a discount, now is the time to act.