Arturia's JUN-6 is a free chorus plugin based on the iconic Juno synth

But it's only free until December 29th.


One of the most cherished chorus effects ever isn’t some piece of expensive studio rack gear or a guitar pedal with piles of knobs. Instead its the almost painfully simple chorus unit built into Roland’s ‘80s era Juno synths. Arturia’s new V Collection 8 added a recreation of the iconic Juno-6, so in the spirit of the holiday season (and a dash of self promotion), the company is giving away a free version of the chorus effect from that plugin until December 29th.

Just like the real thing the main interface of the Chorus JUN-6 is just three buttons: off, I and II. And of course you can combine I and II for full chewy chorus. It instantly adds retro warmth to just about anything you slap it it. It’s not 100-percent accurate, but it definitely captures the feel of the BBD (bucket brigade device) based original. It’s hard to overemphasize how simple the interface for the Juno chorus is. The three core options are so perfectly dialed in that their sound is almost instantly recognizable. I adds stereo width and subtle movement, II churns and adds body, while I and II combined (III?) is has an almost Leslie rotary speaker vibe. Those options are all just a single button press away.

Of course, being modern software VST means that Arturia was able to add a bunch of additional features, like a full on manual mode and a mix knob, if you want total control of your sound. (Though, if you ask me that takes away some of the charm of the Juno chorus.) With the mix set to 100-percent wet, that iconic 80s chorus melts into a warbly vibrato. While the rate, depth and phase sliders let you dial in everything from bonkers atonal weirdness to to subtle sea-worthy shimmers.

There are plenty of great chorus plugins out there, but Arturia’s JUN-6 is easily one of the best free options. Well, it is at least until December 29th. So even if you’re considering dipping your toes in to the world of digital music production, might be a good idea to go claim your copy now while you can.