Tell us how August’s newest Smart Lock works in your home

Is it worth upgrading your front door?

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August Smart Lock

August’s fourth-generation Smart Lock not only has a much smaller internal motor and gearbox than previous models, it also features onboard WiFi. This means that users can now unlock and lock their doors while they’re away. However, as reviewer Florence Ion found, despite the device’s easy installation, the auto-unlock was finicky, the battery type is uncommon and the price is pretty high. This resulted in a fair score of 80

If you’ve got an August Smart Lock installed at your residence, we want to hear all about it!

Head over to the product page for the device and tell us how installation went, how you like the lock’s design, and how you feel about the addition to your front door. We want to hear all of your experiences and thoughts: After all, no one knows a product like the folks who use it daily! Remember, the best user reviews may be featured in an upcoming user review roundup article. 

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Review the August Smart Lock here!

Note: As usual, comments are off for this post. Please direct your reviews and opinions to the August Smart Lock product page!

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