Beats Solo Pro wireless headphones drop to a low of $149 on Amazon

It's a bargain for solid on-ear audio.

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Beats Solo Pro headphones
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You won't have to pay much if you're looking for capable wireless headphones — at least, not if you're looking for cans with the familiar Beats logo on the side. Amazon is selling Apple's Beats Solo Pro headphones for $149, or less than half their official price. That's a new low for the online retailer, and only slightly higher than the all-time best price we've seen.

Buy Beats Solo Pro on Amazon - $149

When we reviewed the Beats Solo Pro, we found that they bucked some of the expectations for the brand. There's still lots of bass, but the headphones are more balanced and enjoyable across a variety of music genres. You'll also get solid active noise cancelling, and the conveniences of easy setup and hands-free Siri if you're invested in the Apple ecosystem.

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The catches are notable, but not necessarily dealbreakers. The on-ear design isn't comfortable for everyone, and you might want to pass if you have a large head. Likewise, there's no 3.5mm jack if you'd prefer to plug in rather than chew up the battery. And while it's easier than ever to use modern Beats headphones with Android, you'll still have the best experience with Apple gear. If those aren't issues, however, you'll likely enjoy Solo Pro headphones for a long while.

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Beats Solo Pro wireless headphones drop to a low of $149 on Amazon