The Coros Pace 2 Sport is an ultralight GPS watch for competitive runners

Coros claims it's the lightest model on the market.


Coros Wearables has revealed what it claims is the lightest GPS running watch on the market. The Pace 2 Sport weighs just 29.7 grams with the nylon band — just over two grams lighter than Garmin’s Forerunner 45S. For competitive runners looking for any edge they can get while still tracking their sessions, it might be worth paying attention to.

The latest model has a processor that's one and a half times as powerful as the one in the original Pace, and there's four times more storage (64MB). It'll last for up to 30 hours on a full charge while using the GPS functions and up to twice as long on the UltraMax mode. Otherwise, the Pace 2 can run for up to 20 days with daily use of features like heart rate monitoring, along with sleep and step tracking.

Coros says it has optimized the watch for competitive track and road runners, so it hasn't included any mountain sport modes this time around. While the original Pace was controlled through four buttons, the latest model has a single button and a digital dial. It also has an always-on Night Mode, which could come in handy for nocturnal runs. The Pace 2 costs $199.99 and it'll ship by September 4th.

Coros Pace 2