David Lynch's creepy web series 'Rabbits' is back online

A new edit of the eerie 00s show is available on Lynch's YouTube channel.

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David Lynch Rabbits
David Lynch

Just in case the world was not already enough of a nightmarish hellscape for you, obscure film director David Lynch has released his dread-inducing “sitcom” Rabbits onto YouTube. The former eight-part web series features a family of humanoid rabbits that live in a city continually deluged by rain, haunted by a fearful mystery.

It’s an unnerving and unsettling show — pretty much exactly what you’d expect from Lynch, the warped creative mind behind the likes of Eraserhead, Mulholland Drive and Twin Peaks. In fact, it’s so disturbing that it’s actually been used by psychologists to induce a sense of existential dread in research subjects.

The series was originally taken offline for an unknown reason and was only available on DVD, but it’s now been re-edited into an episode for Lynch’s YouTube channel. Since this 15-minute clip has been titled “Rabbits 1,” and the original footage was around 45 minutes long, there’s a good reason to suspect additional clips will be uploaded soon, too.

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Lynch has taken to YouTube during the pandemic to publish a daily weather report, as well as a series of videos called “What is David Working on Today.” Both are predictably and harrowingly Lynchian, so Rabbits makes a perfect addition to the lineup.

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David Lynch's creepy web series 'Rabbits' is back online