Dell's XPS 13 Plus ultraportable is now available for $1,299

The Developer Edition, which ships with Ubuntu, will set you back $1,249.

Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

Dell's latest flagship ultraportable is now available for purchase. The Dell XPS 13 Plus is powered by Intel's 28-watt 12th-gen processors and features a clean, minimalist design. Its keyboard has no borders and no space in between its large keys that makes it ideal for touch-typing. The laptop's haptic touchpad blends into its palm rest and the function buttons at the top of the keyboard aren't buttons at all — they're displayed on a touch panel similar to Mac's Touch Bar.

It's a beautiful device that gives the illusion of being carved out of a single piece of metal, but it doesn't come without drawbacks. The biggest one of all? It doesn't have a headphone jack. You'd have to use Bluetooth headsets with it, and the process of connecting a pair to a Windows laptop isn't quite as seamless as connecting one to a phone. In addition, we had some trouble using the touchpad when we tested the laptop at CES earlier this year, because the lack of borders means you can't see its edges. That said, it might be something you get used to the more time you spend with the notebook.

The XPS 13 Plus will set you back at least $1,299 and comes with either an OLED touch or an LCD display. You can also get the Developer Edition, which ships pre-installed with Ubuntu instead of Windows, for at least $1,249. It's still showing on Dell's site as coming soon, but it should be available shortly.