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'Fall Guys' developer says it has a plan to deal with cheaters

The game has sold more than seven million copies on Steam.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
Christine Fisher
Christine Fisher|@cfisherwrites|August 26, 2020 11:41 AM

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is less than a month old, but the jellybean blob racing game is already a massive runaway superstar success. It racked up two million players on Steam in its first five days on the platform. It has since sold more than seven million copies on Steam, and it’s the most downloaded PS Plus game to-date. As with any PC title that sees a major influx of gamers, it has attracted lots of cheaters. Fortunately, as Eurogamer points out, developer Mediatonic seems committed to eliminating foul play.

Shortly after Fall Guys launched, Mediatonic fine tuned the game’s cheating detection criteria, so players would no longer have to report individual cheaters. Supposedly, that led to a noticeable improvement. 

At first, cheaters were removed after the round was over, but Mediatonic said it would take “more immediate action soon,” presumably kicking cheats out instantly. 

And when Mediatonic discovered that some were using a Steam family-sharing feature to get around bans by creating new accounts and sharing with themselves, it disabled that loophole. Not only did that move block relentless cheats, it also proved that Mediatonic is committed to a sustained campaign of checks and balances. 

A silver lining to all of the Fall Guys cheating has been players working together to sabotage unscrupulous individuals. But Fall Guys is a hard game for people to win, and players should be able to spend their time playing the game not serving vigilante justice. The fact that Mediatonic is working hard to remove cheaters from the game may help players get that elusive victory.

'Fall Guys' developer says it has a plan to deal with cheaters