Google Podcasts lets you add shows using their RSS feeds

Subscribe to your favorite niche podcast without

Google Podcasts just became more alluring if you tend to listen to shows that aren’t always available on major podcast networks. 9to5Google reports that Google has added support for subscribing to podcasts using their RSS feeds. You just have to paste the raw address into the Android, iOS and web apps to have access to episodes across your devices.

You can add a podcast in the mobile app by tapping “Activity,” then the “Subscriptions” tab, and choosing “Add by RSS feed” from the overflow menu. We’ve given you the direct web link above, but you can always find it again by looking for “Add by RSS feed” in the navigation drawer.

This will help for indie podcasts that may have an RSS feed and little else. However, it might be the most useful for premium shows (think Slate or Stratechery) where paying listeners get an exclusive RSS link. You won’t have to forego Google’s app just to avoid ads or otherwise listen to the full range of podcasts the internet has to offer.

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