Google's latest Chrome extension helps you link directly to a piece of website text

Link directly to specific text with just a few clicks.


Earlier this month, Google made it easier to find the information you’re searching for on individual web pages with the launch of highlighted featured snippets. Now, it’s building on that info-specific navigation with a new Chrome extension that lets you link directly to a piece of text on a page.

As The Verge reports, with the Link to Text Fragment extension installed you can simply highlight the text you want to link to, right click and choose “Copy Link to Selected Text.” This will generate a link that can be shared with anyone using a compatible browser, taking them to that specific text, regardless of the page’s formatting. It’s a useful feature that could have big applications in report and essay citations, or in your run-of-the-mill internet argument where you want to direct someone to specific information, rather than a whole article or pages.

Links generated by the extension will be compatible with all Chromium-based browsers from version 80 upwards, although as Google notes in its blog post, Firefox and Safari have not yet confirmed whether they’ll implement the feature. Sending a link to someone using one of these browsers will just direct them to the top of the associated web page as normal.